Friday, December 18, 2009

Rocket! Yeah!

Do you ever wake up and just know it's going to be a good day? Last night I was watching Karate Kid 3 while taking a study break, and then I ended up having a dream about it. In the dream, I ran a half marathon without any real training, which of course made me feel awesome, and then I had to fight the ridiculous long-haired guy who is the real owner of the Cobra Kai dojo that also owns a multinational company that pollutes the environment with toxic chemicals (can you think of a more villainous character?). I win the fight, even after having just run the half marathon.

Then on the way to school this morning what song comes on during my drive to school this morning before my final? Def Lepard's Rocket. Awesome. I'm so stoked on the song that I even stay the extra two minutes to hear the end of it even though I'm running a little late to my last final.

I think I'm becoming more of an adult. When I got up this morning, way too groggy to really understand what I was up for, I was at least coherent enough to think that I needed protein and fresh produce because I needed to jump start my metabolic system so that I would think more clearly, and so that I would have sufficient energy to exercise once I finished all my school stuff for the day. I didn't have any other thoughts than that when I got up. Isn't that weird? Oh, that and kicking ass in my Karate Kid dream. Yup, still feeling awesome.

One of the things I ate this morning was a banana. Did you know that monkeys open up bananas by pressing on the bottom of the banana because there is a little air pocket there, and not by using the stem? That's how I open my bananas now. I figure if I'm supposed to be descended from them, I may as well start behaving more like them. It's a little too cold these days and I'm not hairy enough to go without clothes, but next time you see me I might be throwing my feces at you and then laugh about it. Maybe.

I still have my dating survey project that I have to finish up, but I should be done pretty soon. Upon completion I will then play upbeat music while cleaning, and then working out, at >100 decibels of volume.

I gotta say, today was (will be) a good day. Much love to you, Ice Cube, but since I already featured your song once on here, let's go with TWDY.

Peace, and be blessed, y'all!

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Caitlin said...

You must show me this new banana opening business. I'll be damned if I let a monkey outsmart me!