Monday, January 28, 2013


These guys just make me happy. Their humor isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking back and forward

Our first year of marriage was pretty awesome. Amy and I traveled to a lot of fun places. She makes these photo books each year and looking through that one is always really fun because we were able to go to so many different places and enjoy so many fun things.

I was on Instagram the other day, realizing that I hadn't enabled the photo map feature, looking through my old photos on there, and then wishing that I had. Turns out this past year was a pretty travel heavy one as well:
  • May - small trip down to Zion to do a canyon, and later that month to Las Vegas for a guys weekend (Amy went to New York that same time and I go back and forth on wishing that I had gone with her).
  • June - Amy had a trade show down in San Diego, so I stayed with her down there...
  • July - and then we went up to Irvine and spent time in LA and did the whole 4th thing...(Amy also went to Chicago for her last trade show ever).
  • August - Idaho for the MBA rafting trip.
  • September - Baby!
  • October - San Jose for an MBA tech company trip
  • November - back to Cali for Thanksgivings
  • December - to Cincinnati for an interview then to Vancouver for 12 days
  • January - and out to Mississippi to visit Greg and Laura and spend a day down in New Orleans.
I'll have a post with a video on that trip pretty soon.

But it's kind of crazy, right? We don't have anything more planned for the rest of the semester. It'd be nice to settle down and just let Jane have some more stability (although she is a total champ now. She's taking her pacifier better, she's getting better at airplanes, and just being able to go anywhere and sleep anywhere, although it is easy right now since she's so young. It's kind of amazing, but then again, her parents kind of force her to have to adjust a lot). 

We are so very excited for this summer. I'm really excited to work for Ford for the summer and we're excited for the drive out there and the drive back. We can hit up Nauvoo, Kirtland, and Missouri this summer for church history tours. We can explore Michigan and Detroit while we're out there. And it turns out that all of these places are within 4 hours driving distance of Detroit:
  • Toronto
  • Niagara Falls
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • Kirtland
Awesome, right? And there are potentially 10 baseball stadiums that we can hit up during our summer tour of the Midwest. 

We have a lot to be excited about. I'm pretty close to starting a countdown until we go.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey New Year!

Been awhile, so let me catch you up real quick.

Jane was awesome before Christmas, then vacation happened, then I dropped her at the bowling alley onto the cement, then she got fed old formula, then she was having a really hard time, and now she's awesome again. She's a trooper because she apparently has to be with parents that drop her and feed her bad food. We love her to death, though, and just last week she started using her hands to pick up stuff so that's really fun for us.

After some fly with some companies, some disappointment, some reservation, and now with excitement, we have decided to go with Ford's offer and go to Detroit for the summer. We are so very excited about it, a lot because our good, good friends Mike and Lauren are already out there, and we can visit so many places. Ford will be sufficient to garner attention from other companies, or we could love Detroit and stay out there with them. Either way, our options should remain open and we are excited about our prospects.

I am one quarter of the way done and I successfully navigated the first, and supposedly most difficult, semester in the program, and have landed my internship. Our baby is fully intact, my wife still loves me and I love her, and things seem to be going well. A job well done, right? The crazy part is we are already one quarter of the way done with this program.

After my longest non-marathon associated break from running, I started again this week and I love it.

I bowled a 214 last night. New high for me.

That's the major stuff.