Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey New Year!

Been awhile, so let me catch you up real quick.

Jane was awesome before Christmas, then vacation happened, then I dropped her at the bowling alley onto the cement, then she got fed old formula, then she was having a really hard time, and now she's awesome again. She's a trooper because she apparently has to be with parents that drop her and feed her bad food. We love her to death, though, and just last week she started using her hands to pick up stuff so that's really fun for us.

After some fly with some companies, some disappointment, some reservation, and now with excitement, we have decided to go with Ford's offer and go to Detroit for the summer. We are so very excited about it, a lot because our good, good friends Mike and Lauren are already out there, and we can visit so many places. Ford will be sufficient to garner attention from other companies, or we could love Detroit and stay out there with them. Either way, our options should remain open and we are excited about our prospects.

I am one quarter of the way done and I successfully navigated the first, and supposedly most difficult, semester in the program, and have landed my internship. Our baby is fully intact, my wife still loves me and I love her, and things seem to be going well. A job well done, right? The crazy part is we are already one quarter of the way done with this program.

After my longest non-marathon associated break from running, I started again this week and I love it.

I bowled a 214 last night. New high for me.

That's the major stuff. 


Laura said...

Congrats on the internship! And if course your bowling score. Which marathon are you training for?

emily said...

Wow wow!! detroit! congrats!

poor jane sounds like she's been having a rough couple weeks, glad she's doing better now!

Silvs said...

No marathons for me this year. Probably none for at least a few years. It's just too much time and there isn't the novelty of running them anymore for me. I have a half coming up in March, but nothing big otherwise.

Lisa said...

You must be an MBA student, husband and father because your posts are getting more 'to the point' and less frequent. I used to be able to count on you (rather than Amy) for the updates but maybe things are changing. Love to hear all of it -- from both of you.