Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Things You Should Know

It's funny how when I really start to get into something I start drawing all these life metaphors using that new obsession of mine. The latest It's amazing how much repetition you need before you really have any idea what you're doing with a golf club. After several weeks of class and hundreds of swings, today was the first time when I actually felt like I had any idea about what the mechanics of my golf swing were like. I started to realize which swings felt right, and why the ball might be slicing, or how I'm pulling the ball. This will be a future post some day, but I think the key to being great at anything really comes down to complete control. A musician is great because he has complete control over an instrument, knowing exactly how to move fingers or to blow wind through the instrument. Picasso was a great artist because he had complete control over his brushstrokes and how he wanted to distribute his paint on a canvas. I am learning to hit a ball straight and far because I am learning how to control my hands, wrists, arms, and torso as I pull back swing the club in alignment. It's interesting stuff to me....

I didn't get this feeling last year, but I feel like the Angels are a .500 team this year. It hurts for me to admit that. Still though...Erick Aybar has to emerge from his slump at some point. Hideki Matsui is a better hitter than he's showing. And maybe Brandon Wood will figure out MLB pitching. He has to. We have too many years invested in him for him not to be productive. Our starting pitching looks good, but our bullpen is atrocious. Namely, Brian Fuentes. Shieldsy isn't looking very good either. We'll see. Jered Weaver is looking like an ace though, and I'm so glad that Lackey and Figgy are struggling in their new homes. Especially Lackey. I'm so mad that guy ditched us for the team that I hate most in all of professional sports. Get this...I don't even hate the Yankees that much anymore. Weird.

I love that the Lakers just look better and better with every game in the playoffs. These first two games with the Suns have been a joke. I loved loved LOVED that the LA fans last night were chanting, "We want Boston!" That's going to be such an epic series. Yes, both the Magic and the Suns are already history. The Magic lost both their games at home, and the Suns didn't even show up to either of the first games. Done. Let's get to the Finals.

All the uproar over the Arizona immigration law is sickening. They're just trying to enforce the law. And our lame President and ambassadors to China are pretending like that law is equivalent to what the Chinese do to their political prisoners. And former Utah Governor John Huntsman kowtowing to the Chinese, too? Shameful.

Anyway, if you want to find me this weekend, please direct all correspondence to my address at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. I'll be golfing and hanging out by the pool for the next 48 hours.

Also, I love BoB. His rapping just does it for me. This is a crappy version, but I wanted to protect your innocent ears. You'll just have to deal.

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