Monday, March 28, 2011

Snap Back to Reality

Next line, anyone?

Well, here we are. I'm having trouble getting back into writing my paper so I thought I'd at least get some writing done and do a brief little blog post for y'all. The last 10 days in brief:
  • Sealed! St. Patrick's day for the Silva family will now always be anniversary eve for us. The sealing was wonderful, the reception was fun, and the food was plentiful. A little too plentiful, as it turns out. So hard to plan for these things.
  • We checked into the Little America Hotel that afternoon, only to check out at about 5:00 am the next morning to catch our flight to Cancun. I won't bother going over the details of the trip because Amy Walton Silva has that up on her blog that you can find here.
  • We flew out Thursday afternoon and got back at around 11:00 pm that night. Her brother picked us up, brought us back to his place because my car was taken there after the wedding.
  • We checked out of Hotel Scott and Elisha at about 5:00 am again the following morning to catch our next flight up to Seattle, rented a car, and then drove up to Vancouver. I blew my line when we crossed the border, but thankfully, we were not detained.
  • A fun-filled weekend of hanging with the family and games and pictures followed with the Vancouver Open House on Saturday night.
  • After another three hour car ride back to Seattle we flew back home and got in at about 11:00 pm last night.
And I am all traveled out. I am ready to sit down for a week and just try and get my life - our lives - in order and up and running.

Getting married is really great. You plan a big party and all of your favorite people come out to celebrate you. You finish the party and then you don't even have to stick around and clean up. You get to go on a trip somewhere fun. People give you gifts, and they might not even know you, or even your spouse, but because they happen to like your spouse's family, they will give you stuff anyway. It's wonderful.

One of the best parts about getting married is the overwhelming and entirely satisfying love that you feel from your close friends and family. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciated everyone who bothered to come out to Utah, to come to our sealing, our dinner, our reception, or what have you, and just say kind words and share big hugs. There is no way I could ever say enough about how grateful I am for everyone who helped out with setting things up, clean up, bringing stuff back to our apartment, who helped us move, who offered counsel, or any of the other one million kind gestures that have been shown to us in these last several months.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you for being in our lives and thank you for all your loving kindness.

More blogging and happiness to follow!


Dave said...

It was a great wedding. So stoked for you guys.

Now for you guys to move down to California.

Lisa said...

I heard about you blowing your line at the border. Ha ha. So fun to spend the last couple weeks with you guys. So much fun. So excited for you to settle down into fabulous married life.

Kira Cook said...

Your wedding was GREAT! Hope to see you guys soon!

Mary said...

I love reading both of your blogs and hearing your comments about the same event. I didn't hear about the blown line! What was that about?