Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Magical Mystery Tour

Ours is continuing to Reno later this afternoon. We just spent a weekend in California with wonderful family and friends, attending an awesome wedding, and just having a great time. This weekend it's Reno. Two weeks it's Europe! Woo woo!

Life is just great. We have trips and such planned through the second weekend of October. Just about every weekend between now and then is booked and I just love it.

Something I've been wanting to comment on that I don't have time for right now: I have several friends getting back into lengthy relationships after having done the break-up and get back together cycle multiple times. Don't worry. It's not any of you that I'm talking about. I haven't even spoken with either of these people in months, but it still breaks my heart nonetheless. These are people who have been in relationships that have gone on for longer than a year and have broken up and gotten back together more than five times (which in itself should tell you something about the relationship, right? Stability, people! That's what we're shooting for with long-term relationships).

A word to the wise, or to the oft-lonely and broken-hearted: Do not get into or stay in a relationship because you're feeling lonely. The old adage, it's better to be in no relationship than a bad one, is still true. And it only gets more true with marriage. Be not faithless, but believing! If you think that it's God's plan for you to one day get married, then let his plan work itself out for you. The worst problems arise when we are trying to assert our will above His own.

I was talking to a friend of mine today and he's training to become a clinical psychologist. Not that it really makes him smarter about relationships, but he does spend a lot of time observing people. I mentioned this pattern to him and he said that he thought that people often get caught into bad situations when they can't envision for themselves anything better than what they're currently getting. Makes total sense, right? So envision for yourself great things! Envision for yourself happiness and security and a healthy life-balance and eventually you'll happen upon it. Don't settle for mediocrity, or think you can't do better unless that's what you really desire. Dream great things! Work towards that and you'll eventually find it.

Sorry for that. I just hope that we can all desire more for ourselves. I was talking with a coworker yesterday and he asked me simply, "what kind of difference do you want to make?" And then we had a long conversation about what we would like to do and the visions that we have for ourselves. It left me feeling inspired, and made me wonder how much alignment I've had in my life lately between my day-to-day and what I'm working for in a year, or five, or 20.

My mission president always used to say, "if you have petty thoughts, when will you ever have time to achieve great things?" Small minds live simple lives. Desire and yearn for great things! I think we all deserve it.

I'm done now. Have a great week(end), dear ones!

(I just love this song, Actually, this album. Just great. Beatles are great.)


Dave said...

Weekend? I wish I could start my weekend on Wednesday.

Dave said...

You guys are tripilicious!

The thing that stinks about people who continue to get in and out of unhealthy relationships is that everyone around them who genuinely loves them and cares for them can see that the relationship is dysfunctional and damaging but they cannot see it or refuse to see it.

A major alarm should go off in your head if all your loved ones are telling you he/she is not good enough for them and that they should move on. Your family and friends know you and loved you before he/she came into your life!

I do note, however, that sometimes dating is bumpy and it doesn't always follow the Disney fairy tale pattern. My smokin' hot wife and I broke up 3 times before we got engaged. It can work out. I know that sends mixed messages, but I'm just trying to say that each situation is unique. I certainly don't miss the frustration and challenge that is the dating life.

Caitlin said...

oh you globetrotters, you.

Dave said...

Speaking of my smokin' hot wife...

Lisa said...

Same goes for all aspects of life. So many people say that have teenagers is awful and hard. Chris and I envision that it's going to be awesome and amazing... and I totally believe it. Imagine your life great. Attitude is everything.