Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best in Worst Christmas Things

There are some monumentally bad, but amazing Christmas songs out there. My friend Doug posted this one on FB this week:

Dave likes to send me a link to this website this time of year, which features some pretty awful remixes and original work as well. Unfortunately, nothing is posted on YouTube so you'll have to visit that site to partake of that treasure. As a preview though, one of his songs borrows heavily from Depeche Mode's People are People, but titled, Jingles Bells Jingle. Good stuff.

Although The Biebs' Christmas song Mistletoe is reasonably catchy, don't let that distract you from the pure awfulness of his rendition of Drummer Boy:

And just in case you're still searching for a gift idea, try this one. Totally not a joke:

Have a merry Christmas!


emily said...

oh my... i am not sure if i should laugh or cry at that justin bieber song. speechless.

Lisa said...

Seriously, that commercial is awful... for a tailgating party? Really? So funny.