Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Call Me, Maybe

A friend of mine did a post on the phenomenon of this song recently, and I wanted to jump on that train too, but missed the boat. Then I took a car ride to an airplane...I have derailed...

...and I'm back!

Okay, his post is here. His brother did a video too, and it's actually pretty good. I don't know anyone in it, so I can validate him in that respect. Anyway, there are a number of covers/parodies...

This one got the ball rolling:

And this one got a lot of attention too:

As did this one:

And now there is this one that I think is really fun:

Has there been another song that the world has heard more times in a several month span like this one? I don't think so. It doesn't hurt being the catchiest song ever.

1 comment:

David and Mary Walton said...

I hear this song all the time!! She is from the Vancouver area i hear.