Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Word Answers

As I ease back into this blogging thing, let me start off with something easy. This is an FHE that Amy's sister, Lisa, does with her family and has all of her kids do. We have been meaning to do it for awhile and we finally got around to it about a month or so ago in one of our own FHE's and I think it's a pretty fun thing to do, and something worth revisiting as some time passes and answers change.

There are a few things on here that would already change in just the short time that has passed since we did this, but I'll get to that in a different post.

What I’m proud of today: Scripture study plan
What I’m thinking about: Ear is clogged
Who is home: My little family
Plans tonight: TV, shower, skype
Feelings about love: It’s always present
Feelings about life: I can’t complain
What I need: Full time employment
What I want: Start in August
What I have: Plenty of time
My pet peeve: Being treated indifferently
My Guilty pleasure: Sugary carbonated drinks
What you don’t know about me: Loved Paula Abdul
What I can hear: AC and typing
What I can smell: Can’t, all congested
My Style: T-shirt and sandals
My hairdo: Simple, no fuss
My outfit: See “style” above
My mood: I’m feeling lazy
The weather today: Like starting summer
Thoughts on family: My constant happiness
Thoughts on marriage: Keeps me grounded
Thoughts on beauty: All around me
Thoughts on sleep: It’s always fleeting
Thoughts on writing: Crystallizes my thoughts
My favorite thing: Besides family? Activity.
My favorite food: Still say pizza
My favorite splurge: GoPro or vacation
My favorite treat: Texas sheet cake
Ten years ago: BYU senior, clueless
Five years ago: Getting Provo bearings
One year ago: Pregnant, nobody knows
One year from now: Back from France
Five years from now: Pregnant with 5th
Ten years from now: Living happily abroad
I’m famous for: Going to school
I’ll never be famous for: Loving telephone charades
Who I am: Highly educated unemployed
Who I hope to be: Highly educated employed
What I’m thankful for: Family, free time

One of the main reasons I want to get back to blogging is for the "Thoughts on Writing" question and answer that I have posted. Writing, for me, is such a great conduit for crystallizing my thoughts and feelings on different topics. Blogging is becoming irrelevant these days, but I love it as a form of journal writing that I can be/used to be really good at. I hope to get back to it with some more regularity.


Jessica Mitchell said...

I love this!!!

Lisa said...

Fun to read your answers. I still need to do it myself. I echo your thoughts on what you want your blog to be. Also hoping for some more regularity. Hope all is going well for your first week!!