Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waiting for "Superman"

On Monday nights I usually have a crew of people that I'll watch some TV with, and normally the show is 24. A few months ago we got into this pretty heated discussion that started with the health care debate that then went into education. One of the girls argued vehemently for public education as it currently stands, that there needs to be some way to be able to reach all of the less privileged kids and families that might not have the means for private education. I had a hard time engaging in the argument with her because she knew absolutely nothing about charter schools and the immense, obvious, and proven benefits that they provide as opposed to public education.

One of the best examples of this is the Harlem Children's Zone. It's unreal what they're doing, and the impact that it's having on people over there. I'll let this segment from 60 Minutes explain more (this is the first part):

The man who started this program, Geoffrey Canada, was also featured on This American Life. The website for the program is here.

Anyway, what's really cool is this documentary that's coming out that will be tackling this topic. Check it out:

The movie looks like it is going to be a very high quality film. Go here to see the website for the film. Something really cool that some people associated with the film are doing is a pledge system, where once they reach 50,000 pledges from people to see the movie, the foundation will donate 250,000 new books to struggling schools across the country.


eL said...

Sometimes I wish you would say what you think. You have a very sober mind and you're very erudite. Then again others opinions and knowledge is impervious to her. As I saw that night. :)

Silvs said...

Thanks, Rachey. The problem with that kind of scenario was that everything was okay, but as soon as she started having tears in her eyes and Rick starts saying hell and damn with increasingly regularity, the conversation has gone from rational to emotional, and that's when you can't really engage someone anymore. I did bring up some points, but they were both so clearly on the defensive that they must have felt like people were piling up on them, so that's when I backed off. I hope she sees this movie, or gets wind of it, somehow.