Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup 2010

Are y'all ready for this? It is 4 years in the making, and a month long celebration of the world's most beautiful sport. It starts tomorrow. Want a preview? Visit Kent's blog here. For a complete schedule, go here. Want to fill out a World Cup bracket? Try this one here. I don't know of any good ones out there, so point me to 'em if you know 'em.

I have a couple of allegiances when it comes to the World Cup - USA and Brazil. I guess it's nice that Chile qualified, but I don't really expect them to do anything special. Team USA has a good draw this year with England (not the good part), Slovenia (good part), and Algeria (also good). Brazil has Ivory Coast, Korea, and Portugal, which would have been really tough, but the Ivory Coast lost their best player to a broken arm last week.

Being that the tournament will be played in South Africa, games will be on early with starting times at 5am, 7am, and 12pm. I kind of like that. US opens up against England this Saturday at 11:30pm, which would have been great, but some idiot decided that he was going to get married right in the middle of that.

It's always so fun to watch everything as it unfolds, all the drama surrounding the matches, the upsets, and the rising stars and underdog teams overperforming. It's really awesome.

And if you're still having a hard time getting excited, try watching this Nike commercial:

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