Friday, August 20, 2010

The Me Update

A bunch of things going on:
  • Was in California from Friday until this past Tuesday. This is what happened: Angels game, Big Bang Friday Fireworks, ran 21 miles, beach, Northwood Pizza, Wii, stake conference, shopping, Sunday night dinner, games with me killing at the last round of Ticket to Ride, more beach, some Jack's, Mo's, some more running Wild Rivers, the end.
  • I always say this, but I really can never believe how nice it is to run at home. The humidity is so nice. It makes breathing so much easier. The elevation I'm sure helps too. And really I just love running around my familiar streets. Just love that.
  • I have spent the last couple of days moving, just down the street with some guys I know in my ward. I have to say, I am so excited for the move. I am currently residing in the largest bedroom in my life. My full bed hardly occupies any space in it. I have my bookshelf, desk, and TV on a stand, an end table, and I still have room for another table in here. It's crazy. I thought I had a lot of clothes, but then it turns out that I really only have enough to take up one side of my walk-in closet. I feel so spoiled right now. I wonder when I'll have another room this big again.
  • I had my first day of work at church HQ yesterday. I was so tired throughout the day. I can't believe that I now have to get up at a normal time like the rest of the world. Well, except for today. I slept until 9:30 today because I just felt like it. And it felt good.
  • It turns out that I have three paid positions this year. How crazy is that? One professor I was working with last year said he made $60k one year while in the program, and I wondered how that was possible, but now I have an idea of how he worked that. Not that I'm making that much. I'm still well below that, but I'm making a pretty substantial amount. Probably more than most of the teachers around here.
That's the short of it. Everything is going really well, and in spite of myself, things keep moving forward. I'm hoping that once I get all settled in my new place I can finally get crackin' on my thesis again. That kind of went by the way-side in the last week or two. Oops.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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Laura said...

i am a little sad i didnt see you. turned out to be a busy weekend for us and i didnt go down to newport after all. sad. i will be in p town in oct. maybe we can work something out.