Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this and that song just happened to be playing at one of the desks near me. You know what this post marks? The return of the work blog post while I'm killing some extra minutes at work. It's funny how some work things are remarkably different here at the Church Office Building as opposed to other work environments, hereafter referred at as the COB:
  • Missionary attire everywhere. Women (sisters) where midcalf skirts, although they don't have to wear pantyhose. Guys are all in white shirts, and on the 18th floor, I am supposed to wear a suit coat because you just never know when some higher up will walk out of the Presiding Bishopric offices.
  • ID badges and gates that will stop you if you don't have proper authorization.
  • Some valet guy with white gloves that waits down in the VIP parking area.
  • Weekly devotional meeting with your department.
  • Church art everywhere.
And then other things that are remarkably similar:
  • Tech guys some desks over that are reading and laughing at the Busted Tees website.
  • Somebody's radio playing just normal music. I don't know why that surprised me. I guess I just assumed it would be only MoTab or classical music playing.
  • Water cooler talk.
  • Someone bringing in treats and the email that goes out letting everyone know that the lifesaving vittles have arrived to get you from that seemingly endless gap from breakfast to lunch.
These days are incredibly long when I'm waking up at 5am to get here at 6:30 and then out by 4:30, but I love how quickly the mornings go. Plus, my desk faces east and the one benefit to being here so early is seeing the sun come up over the mountains.

The best part is, I like what I'm doing with people that I like, at a place that I feel comfortable...mostly. (I have confirmed once again that I never want to work at a place permanently with business formal wear.)

On my drive up by myself, I remembered that I used to drive up a few days a week up to Claremont from Irvine while I was attending school there. For the first year I was going up four times a week, driving 45 minutes each way, if there wasn't any traffic. Traffic made that commute easily an hour and some change. Even when I lived in Irvine and worked in next door Newport Beach, it took me a half hour to travel the 10-15 mile distance that it was. My point is...this commute is no trouble at all. Especially at the hours that I'm traveling.

Anyway, there are a lot of things that I'm remembering about work, one of which is my customary lunch blog post, so maybe you will be seeing some more regularly scheduled programming around here.


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Kira Cook said...

Say hi to jenna if you see her. she mentioned the COB as a place the sisters go to pick up mail and other things.