Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a Dream

Hey adoring fans. I just have not been that interested in blogging lately. I think it's mostly because I just feel like I'm too busy for it, or that if I devote any amount of time to it, it means that I'm taking away valuable time that I should be dedicating to the other pursuits I have ongoing.

This is how my time is supposed to break down these days:

20 hours (COB)+4 hours travel time (min.)+20 hours (psych department for internship coordinator)+5-10 hours (research assistantship)+7.5 hours (field study)+15-20 hours (thesis work)=64-74 hours a week.

And that doesn't take into account my bowling class, calling stuff, running, and Amy time, and Chris time.

Fortunately, I can overlap on a good number of those hours, but still, that's pretty busy, right? So while I'm still reading a good amount of stuff, and trying to keep up with everything, blogging is definitely taking a backseat these days to everything else. I might be able to squeeze something out during my lunch hour at the COB, but that might be a stretch too. I haven't had any hours there yet this week so that contributes partly to my lack of blogging.

Here's the latest: just got back from Vancouver, Canada on a fun little trip with Amy to visit her digs. Now I'm just trying to get in my last hard training week for St. George, still trying to finalize housing there, and otherwise just trying to keep my head above water.

Two things I want you to check out in the meantime - this piece of awesomeness from Arcade Fire. And then this comeback song from Nelly. Remember him? I kinda missed him.

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Kira Cook said...

Okay, you can be dismissed from blogging for a while. Maybe just a weekly sunday blog:)