Thursday, September 23, 2010

Right Back Where We Started From

It’s funny how often I feel like I’m saying “thank you” or some variation on “everything’s gonna be alright” in the course of my blog. I think I have a dozen different posts that incorporate some variations on this theme. If I’m so consistently grateful and optimistic, then I’ve got at least some things figured out, right?

It’s also funny how one event can influence the demeanor of a whole broad range of thoughts and emotions, such that everything just seems to be great. How is school? Great. How is work? Long, but great. How is marathon training? Okay, you got me there, but then again, I might still say great just because it’s actually over for all intents and purposes.

Last week I was running along University Avenue up towards Provo Canyon and I was feeling really inspired to write, just stories, really. What inspired me specifically? A dog carcass. Saw it two weeks ago, and then I saw it’s at least one week decayed remains still stinking up the gravel trail that I traverse. I was just generally feeling motivated to pick up a number of projects, writing being one of them, but the main theme of all of the projects being just the generally conveying of some message and delivering a story. I’m really fascinated by this and have been for quite a while now.

Things that I’m excited about right now:

  • The Dirty Dash this Saturday
  • BYU football with Cougar Club privileges
  • Modern Family
  • Halloween and all things pertaining to it, which includes costumes, haunted houses, Thriller by the Odyssey dance company, candy, scary stories, and my annual Stephen King novel (this year’s selection being It)
  • Seeing Dave and Caitlin and Mason next week
  • Trying to compartmentalize work, school, spiritual, and personal life better
  • General Conference
  • Shifting into my jeans and t-shirts fall attire from my shorts and t-shirts summer attire
  • The November elections and the taking back of the House by the GOP and the pushback against over-reaching government forces, and more specifically, The Pledge

And so on. I even already posted Bob Marley's Three Little Birds a couple of months ago. I was going to post Naughty by Nature's song Everything's Gonna Be Alright, but I'm afraid that song my upset your sensitivities, so you're going to get something different altogether. Enjoy.

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