Thursday, November 4, 2010

Does Religion Kill?

Just a few things I wanted to note this morning:
  • I saw this really interesting article by Maggie Gallagher, Does Religion Kill? It talks about the way the media has been grabbing onto the supposed trend that religion, particularly the Mormons, are steering kids into suicide. Not true, apparently. How surprised are you about that? You shouldn't be.
  • So when I'm running late on non-COB days and I'm heading on to campus, I love getting the steel cut oatmeal at Jamba Juice. It's just heavenly, and I never hesitate to pay the $3 for it. Yesterday I went to buy my own because I thought it was ridiculous that I would pay that, and I totally balked at the $6 price for the full can that will deliver me probably 10 or so servings. Kind of silly, right? While I'm talking about breakfast...
  • Let me put in a plug for breakfast. Want to know of a good weight loss tip? Eat a good breakfast. It's been shown that people who consume a third or so of their calories in the morning tend to eat few calories throughout the day. You know what I hear from most people about why they don't eat breakfast? "I just can't, my stomach can't really handle it." Well, that's only because you're used to starving yourself until lunch, and then you eat big and that sudden influx of food to digest then makes you sleepy. If at any time during the day you went 8 or so hours without eating, you'd think to yourself, "I really need to eat NOW," right? Then why shouldn't the same apply from the time you go to bed to when you wake up. It jump starts your metabolism, you'll burn your food more efficiently, and having fiber in the morning helps keep you feeling more sated until lunch. I'm just saying.
  • How awesome are the videos by Ok Go? This first one was really shot with one single camera, took about six weeks to put together, and does not involve any kind of special effects. The next one is just kinda fun, and I really like the song. The one after that is just a random song I saw posted elsewhere that seemed catchy to me.
  • Have a great day, dear hearts.

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