Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Let me tell you a little something about Halloween. This is what we did last month:
  1. Pumpkin patch
  2. Haunted Forest in American Fork
  3. Heber Creeper (or Heber Crappy. Seriously, that thing was so lame. Never do it. Not even for free.)
  4. Two costume parties.
  5. Thriller up at Kingsbury Hall
  6. Pumpkin carving with Mike and Lauren while listening to spooky Halloween...music? noises?
  7. Halloween photoshoot (an Amy tradition)
  8. And topped it all off by wearing coordinating black and orange outfits to church on Sunday with a Halloween treat night at a friend's place
Let me also tell you about Saturday night since that is really actual Halloween here in Utah. Our stake had this activity up at Spring Haven lodge in Hobble Creek canyon. It's a really nice locale, with air hockey, foosball, ping pong, a gym, and other things. There was also a gym where a guy we know was setup playing music for what would later house the dance.

What was annoying about that part was that being in the gym, and not having a lot of people there, people were using the gym like it was a gym, and not a dance floor. The lights were all on, guys were shooting hoops and a few people were hitting around a volleyball, that is, until they hit the DJ's $4000 piece of equipment. Some people are so dumb. This is the second (or maybe third) year in a row he has done the stake Halloween event, and he's always done it for free, just as a favor to everyone. Amy and I were ready to turn that mother out, so we suggested that we turn out the lights, and get all those nerds with the balls out. It's so funny to me that turning lights off is like an automatic call for people to come to the dance floor. And it was no different in this case.

We started the dance party, and went through about three different groups of friends who filtered in and out through the evening, while we stayed for the next three hours until everything ended with the B-52s, classic church dance song, though not my favorite.

I kind of love that Amy and I outlasted everyone there, and even better, I just love that we can dance the whole night and not give a care as to who else is there with us. Sometimes we mixed in with our groups of friends, and other times it was just us two off to the side, or outside while it sprinkled and we were trying to cool off, but not ever stopping because the rhymes he was kickin' were quite bootylicious (name that tune! not sure anyone who reads this can).

And you know what else? Maybe I shouldn't, but I get legitimately get annoyed and upset with anyone who doesn't like Halloween or doesn't properly celebrate it. What's wrong with you people? Do you not like fun? or happiness?

So to all those who enjoyed the holiday in full effect, I salute you. It's just about my most favorite month of the year.

(As always, you can find more photos on Amy's blog linked on the side.)

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