Friday, February 11, 2011

One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy

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Did you know that's the tagline (post title) for Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Pretty clever, isn't it? That is easily one of my favorite movies and the last time I saw it is one year and one week ago from tomorrow. It was my first date with Amy.

It's so crazy to me how quickly things move and how much time unfolds right in front of my own eyes. A year ago we first started going out, and in five weeks we'll be getting married. Crazy.

We went to our last ward temple night in this ward yesterday at the Mt. Timpanogas temple, and it was so fun to see the temple where we're going to be shooting our bridals and groomals in a couple weeks, and in just over a month, where we'll actually be getting married.

I just can't believe how close it is.

Amy already has a buyer for her contract, and I just posted mine this morning. There's still a good amount of stuff to figure out, but I think we've been able to make good steady progress with everything as D-day approaches. Next weekend we'll be in California picking up her dress, the following weekend I'll be in Vegas with my buddies, 5 weeks we'll be married, and 10 years later we'll have a house and 4.5 children.

Not really, but it just feels like it's moving that way. Some other wedding related items:
  • Invitations started going out yesterday.
  • We picked out our first song to dance to as husband and wife.
  • Dress comes next week.
  • Maybe we'll have ties next week.
  • Hopefully we'll have reception food picked out this weekend.
  • I want to sign a contract for our new place next week.
It's crazy how many things there are still to do, but it's still fun figuring all of it out. It really is just an exciting time.

This was a finalist in the first dance song, but still lost out. I really like it though. Have a great weekend, dear ones.


Sarah Walton said...

It really is like that though . . . . before you know it you'll have a house with 4.5? kids. It doesn't seem that long ago that Dan and I got married, and here we are coming on 8 years. crazy. Well, it sounds like everything is coming together quite nicely for the wedding! Good luck these next few weeks getting all the thousands of "last minutes" done:)

Kira Cook said...

I'm getting excited for the BIG day!!! It's so much fun, all these firsts that are ahead. We are almost at two years and have one kidlet, so 4.5 in ten is totally possible. I can't wait to see you guys:)

Lisa said...

I just got the invitation today! and it's fabulous. Chris, it's a good thing you are a communicator so we will actually know what's going on with you two!! :)