Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Party Right

We just got back last night from a trip to San Fran to visit Greg and Laura, in what is now a visit with family and not just friends (what the?...). Amy and I chatted briefly on the ride back from the airport about the trips we've been able to do this past year (since Memorial day of last year):
  • Zion on the Walton Utah family vacation of a lifetime.
  • Moab to go canyoneering with Mike.
  • Moab again with our ward.
  • Summer Christmas in California.
  • Vancouver for my first visit to Canada over Labor Day weekend.
  • St. George to run the marathon.
  • Thanksgiving at home.
  • Post-Christmas and New Year's in Vancouver.
  • President's Day in California.
  • Cancun on our honeymoon.
  • Back to Vancouver for an open house.
  • Again in Cali for another open house.
  • Goblin Valley a couple weekends ago.
  • San Fran this past weekend.
Most of that is dominated by trips back home, but I think that's totally cool. And that doesn't even include trips we've made on our own (twice more to Cali for me, and a , California, Chicago and Japan for Amy's work) or the few that we did just after we started dating (Vegas, Cali, Zion). That makes for 90 hours of car rides and 10 different flights in the past year for us. Kind of crazy, right?

I'll post more on the weekend once Amy finishes editing the photos, but we had so much fun with Greg and Laura. They live in such an awesome location in the Presidio, and San Francisco is just such a fun place. I dated a girl who was from that area and I got well acquainted with SF in that time with her so I've never lost that affinity for it. Plus I had a cousin who lived up there for a bit. It's just a cool, different place.

Anyway, we have a lot more planned this upcoming summer. The preview goes something like this: Cali again for the 4th, Reno Walton family Vacation of a lifetime, Cali again for a Redford wedding, and...drum roll, please...Europe in the fall! Woo woo! We just booked that one on Sunday. Throw in some more camping trips in there and that about rounds out our travel plans for the summer.

One last thing. Since Amy is the one with all of the photos, I'm just going to link to her posts that give the visuals on everything we've been up to, for whoever may be interested:

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Lisa said...

We are so excited that you are adding Europe to your long list of vacations!! And I love that you are picking up Walton lingo and adding "vacation of a lifetime' to all of your Walton vacations. You are really part of the family now.