Saturday, September 29, 2012

jane @ 2 weeks

I have a day-of-birth post still coming. I'm kind of busy these days, so the blog has been neglected.

Anyway, Jane had a 2 week appointment yesterday. She's measuring 21" long (82 percentile), 8lb 15oz (72 percentile), and head circumference is 14.4" (86 percentile). She has the sweetest temperament. We can't get enough of her.

Last night I woke up a couple times to attend to her, and I was so sleepy, but it just melted my heart seeing her eyes just wide open, waiting for me to pick her up. We just love when she's awake and alert and looking around. She engages eye contact really well. She's just a doll. We couldn't be happier with her. For more pics, visit Amy's blog.

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