Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Am An American

Amazing to think that we are more than a decade removed from the events of that fateful day, 11 years ago.

Today in one of my classes we spent some time talking about someone who died last June who would have been one of our classmates. His name is Scottie Pace, and you can read an article about him here. He received some attention in the news last year when he decided to shoot off some flares to defray some protestors who were upset about Koran's being burnt on a military base in Afghanistan. He was actually ordered to open fire if the protestors advanced, but decided to take a more muted approach to the situation. We read some correspondence of his detailing some of his thoughts during the situation.

He died in a helicopter crash this past June when he was attacked.

It's amazing to think about what some people do to serve this country, and the sacrifices that they end up making.

And those sacrifices were in a crazy way punctuated 11 years ago, but are still being made to this day.

Anyway, thanks to those who serve who make our lives so very comfortable, maybe more than we sometimes deserve.

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David and Mary Walton said...

We watched some 9/11 documentaries last night and were again so amazed and touched by the personal stories. Really make me appreciate what I have....the many blessings of family and Gospel in my life.