Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jane is Growing Up - 5 Months

5 months

I just love this little girl. I’ll only retrace the last 6 or so weeks. At this point there are a lot of developmental milestones from one week to the next. When we were driving to the airport from Vancouver to Seattle I would set her pacifier on her stomach as she sat in the carseat. That was the first time I really noticed her attempting to intentionally grab at something, however clumsy those attempts were. Since then she pretty much grabs everything. Now when I’m changing her diaper she’ll grab on my arm with both of her little hands. I kind of love it.

Like a lot.

So she’s been good this last month with grabbing things and putting pretty much everything up to her mouth. She loves bottles especially and also phones. Something that Amy mentioned last night is that it has suddenly dawned on Jane what her bottles actually represent – food. Whenever the bottle was in sight, Jane would cry for it and Amy actually had to put it away so that she wouldn’t keep crying out for it.

Jane can be occupied for a good length of time just holding and playing with her toys, going as long as 2 hours by herself just sitting and playing. And it can be just one toy, too. She doesn’t need much to be occupied. She also makes this really cute noise that we have kind of dubbed her concentrating noise, which is pretty much just a one-syllable low baby growl.

Although I think she has the core strength to roll herself over, she has no interest in that yet. Hasn’t even really attempted to do so. She’s a little slow developing in that respect.

Over this past weekend, she seemed to figure out that moving her jaw open and closed changes the types of sound that her mouth can make. Earlier last month Jane was copying her mom whenever she would stick her tongue out. She’s becoming a much more social being. She responds playfully when I grab at her belly or dive in to kind of bite at her. It’s so adorable. 

She also just started eating solids. Well, one solid, and only semi-solid at that. Rice Cereal. She was still pushing it out with her tongue the first few times, but now she gets it. And she also has been a little bit better at being able to stay sitting up. She can't do it on her own, but once she gets there, she can hold it for a few seconds. It's pretty cool.

That’s our little girl at five months.

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