Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lovin' On

A few things:
  • Jane, obviously. She goes down now at around 11 or midnight, depending. And we're totally fine with that. Now it doesn't require the hour or two commitment to rock her to sleep. We've been just letting her cry it out and it feels so liberating, almost like we're cheating. But she usually doesn't cry for too long, and now all of a sudden we have some portion of the evening free.
  • What I'm really loving about her though is just how fun she is. Anytime I'm there in the morning when she starts waking up, I want to run over and be the one to grab her. She giggles more now. She just feels more durable. I love it. I love her.
  • My wife. She really is so great for me. I love that she and I can go to some event, like the Mustacherade MBA event we had last week, and if there is music playing, it could be just her and I in a room together and we would probably dance the whole evening. I have so much fun with Amy.
  • This is kind of a corollary to the above Jane going to bed by herself now, but I love when me and Amy are both in bed, but not sleepy and the fun little conversations we have staying up. Just last night we stayed up until probably about three in the morning, talking about totally random things. 
  • My MBA program. I value so much the things that I am learning, the opportunities that are available, and the people I get to associate with. Grad school is such a different kind of educational experience than undergrad. You're so much more collegial with your professors. You call them by their first names and you ask them about their lives. They're so much more accessible. And you learn such interesting things and the conversations you have are so much more informed. It's really fun in the MBA program because just about everyone has some years of work history, so people are just more experienced. And the people. It's so fun. I love it. 
  • Running and exercising. I've been totally back on track with running and I totally love it. I feel so good and so healthy. I feel like I can do anything when I'm running consistently.
  • Thinking about Michigan for the summer. It gets us both so excited. 


David and Mary Walton said...

Fun read. Makes me happy.

Lisa said...

So fun to read! Sounds like everything is going great! Miss you guys.