Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Love What I'm Doing

I'm feeling really good these days. There are at least a few times each week, and sometimes multiple times in a day when I actually think to myself, "I'm so glad I'm in the MBA program."

I feel so lucky to be apart of this program for so many reasons, and I count it as such a big blessing that I feel so content with exactly where I'm at in my life. Unfortunately, I feel like that is always kind of a fleeting feeling, you know? Maybe you're better than I am, but so often I feel like I'm looking to see what's over the next hill for what's ahead, not realizing that maybe where I'm currently at is a pretty great place to be.

I absolutely love the content of my program. I feel so lucky when it comes to that because I know so many people in graduate school who just hate the work they do in school (i.e. almost everyone I know that has or is attending law school). I was in my managerial accounting class today and we were looking at balance sheets trying to figure out what was wrong with the business and I just loved it. I couldn't have been more satisfied with what I was doing at that moment. And I don't even like accounting stuff. The professor is just awesome and the questions were so interesting. I loved it.

I love the people in my program. I'm so pleased with the friends I've made and the people that I'm learning so much from all of the time.

And I love the opportunities coming out of my program. I just got my specific assignment last Friday for this Ford this summer. I'll be working on some change management initiatives and revamping their onboarding for salaried new hires. Neat, right?

This summer we started laying out each of our weekends. The week we'll be coming back we will attend the JT/Jay-Z concert in Chicago on July 19th, then we'll go to the St. Louis game on Tuesday, Kansas City Royals game on Wednesday, and Colorado Rockies game on Thursday, or maybe Friday. Amazing, right? I can't believe all of that works out that way.

It's just nice to be so happy where you are, and where you will be. I don't think there's a better feeling.

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Amy Silva said...

Life is just great. Isn't it great? I just love life! :)