Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confucius Say...

Do you ever look at your fortunes from fortune cookies and realize they actually kind of excited you? Or you feel like they're offering real words of wisdom?

I think the wisest fortune I ever got was the one that said, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Amen to that. Nobody has a bigger problem moving forward sometimes than I do, and I ended up taping that fortune to the wall right in front of my desk. I wonder if I still have it somewhere...

I've gotten a variation on this fortune a couple of times, and ain't no lie, but they always come to fruition immediately after: A treasured friend, not often seen, will soon visit you. I guess that's not of the earth-shattering variety, but I still thought it was kind of neat.

And these are two that I've gotten in the last month or so, and surprisingly enough, it seems like they're coming to pass - "Success will come to your plans," and "A new relationship is about to blossom. You will be blessed."

It's probably kind of dumb that I even hold onto those, but I think it's kinda fun. If I opened up a Chinese restaurant, I think I'd have anti-fortune cookies, just to mix it up a little bit. Maybe they wouldn't even be bad fortunes, but something that's either totally ominous like "Don't drive the next time it rains," or "You forgot to close your garage door this morning," or "Make sure to call your mom today."

Plus, how good is this song? The actual video doesn't allow for embedding, so you get a pretty decent cover of it by Howie Day.

Bonus: You've heard that they're doing a remake of Karate Kid, right? I hated the idea of it, until I saw the trailer. They changed enough, and I like Little Willy Smith enough to think it's kind of cool.


Laura said...

the last time we had chinese food chase got a fortune that said something like "don't sleep in tomorrow, you have a lot to do". i was like, right, don't sleep in tomorrow.

Moomby said...

i'm territorial with movie remakes also, but i think jackie chan can do no wrong.

i love your idea of anti-fortunes. you need to patent that immediately