Monday, March 29, 2010

Sorry, Blogging

I suck at it this past month. And the weird thing is, I don't really even care. Here's to a cop-out Impromptus style post:
  • March Madness - I created seven brackets, and not one of them has a single Final Four participant. A lot of people could have picked Duke, but they've been piss-poor the last several years and I didn't expect them to get past the Sweet 16. As for the the other guys, two 5 seeds and then West Virginia as a #2? You kidding me? I wonder if there is one person on the entire planet who picked that Final Four.
  • UPDATE: I had a really mean comment here, and even if I think it's true, it's not something that I should be expressing aloud. I'm still working on not thinking it about this person, also. If you knew who I was talking about, you'd agree that she's just a huge you were...
  • Which reminds me, last week we were talking in one of my classes about how anonymity removes all need for normal social conventions, the internet being the prime example. The next day a friend of mine was telling me about a blog-post that she wanted to comment on because it really bothered her, and she was going to post as Anon, but decided against it. The end result was a much more positive outcome than would have been otherwise. So the lesson is this - standing by your opinions requires you to say things that are defensible, and that in turn requires you to be reasonable. It encourages decency, which unfortunately, is too often short-changed.

    The ironic part of this comment is that in the bullet point just previous, I was totally indecent to that girl because I know she'd never see this post, or even be able to identify herself as the culprit, but it's precisely because of that that I'm able to say something so harsh that I'd never say to her face. This just further illustrates my point - anonymity removes accountability, and no accountability allows you to say/do idiotic (or really mean) things. And again, if you knew who I was referring to then you'd agree with me.
I'll put up a real post soon enough. I have plenty of great insights the world (you) is dying to know about, and lots of great things to report on from my own life. But today I have to read Lord of the Flies and then write a paper connecting it to principles from my Org Theory class. Gag.

See y'all later!

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Caitlin said...

Just watch the movie and steal a paper from the interwebs . . .