Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quick Update

The wedding planning is going. Amy is a machine when it comes to getting that stuff done, and we're making good progress, but there's still a lot to do. Turns out that planning a party for a couple hundred friends and family members, a honeymoon to immediately follow, then another trip up to Vancouver the following week, and another one to California about a month later requires a lot of details. And that's in addition to the merging of lives. Who knew, right? Clearly not me. I always used to get so annoyed with engaged couples who would disappear before they got married and then they come back around and want to hang out after being married for a month or few, but now I understand how that goes. Put all of that on top of work, school, and calling stuff and it's pretty hectic these days.

Our schedule from the day of our wedding to when we leave on our honeymoon to coming back and then heading straight back up to Canada will be at break neck pace, but it looks like we'll get some good time in with all the important players and in the right places. I'm really happy about that.

It's amazing how real life becomes while I'm going through this whole process. I've had various thoughts and some moments of concern this week about how well all of this will go - will I be able to find gainful employment following school with meaningful pay? can we find a place that's reasonable in its costs, but that we're still happy with? will we be able to start a family on the time table that we'd like? those things - but what's been really nice has been how supportive Amy is through everything, but just as helpful has been staying up with scripture study and prayer.

I think I'll get to this point more over the weekend, but it's important to stay connected. I think maybe one of the most important things, staying connected to loved ones, to Heavenly Father. I've had a lot of thoughts about that this week. I'll get back to that later.

Anyway, back to work. This song is probably not appropriate given the tone that the post is ending with, but I just love these beats. Have a great weekend, dear ones.

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Kira Cook said...

I think you mentioned that you guys were looking at pleasant grove area to live for a bit. If that's right, we looked there and I have a bum load of places that we looked at (I think it's in the basement). We lived in Cedar Hills which is in that area and we know peeps in the grove. If you don't have a place picked out I can tell you where the cool kids are. You probably want at least a few fun couples in your ward that are young.