Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And Then There Were None

Hi, blogging. I haven't see you for a little while....here we go. Let's do a week in review:
  • I went to see Unwritten Law in concert last weekend when my sweet wife gave me the concert tickets as a present. You would think that I would outgrow these punk shows at some point, but I still just love them. The one thing, however, that I will never really like is how much amplification there is with the music. It should be loud enough to hear it, but not so much that it destroys your hearing, right? I was reading Jay Nordlinger this morning and he was ranting about that, and that guy reviews classical music. What would he think at a rock concert? Anyway, they were fun. Whenever I come back from a show I always say that music was meant to be heard live, and this time it's no different. They played a good smattering of songs from all of their albums except for Oz Factor, which really breaks my heart. My favorite song of theirs live continues to be Rescue Me. I never even liked that song so much when I heard it on the album, but something about hearing that one live that I just LOVE. They came out for an encore and did a cover of this song. I dug it. And now you can get a taste of it (at least of the original song) here:

  • The Chris and Amy tour finally wrapped up this past weekend with our final stop in California. When we came back from Vancouver I was not interested at all to go to California, but as it got closer I got really excited for it. Mostly because we'd get to visit with a few people, and I was really looking forward to hanging out with Los Reids. I just love love love those people. And a special shout out for Laura and Matt, which brings me to my next point...
  • It kind of amazes me the bonds that we formed with our friends from freshmen year. I'm still close to several friends from that time period, and my friendship with Laura has always remained strong, regardless of how little we see of each other. She has an awesome husband in Matt, and I am always excited as can be to see the both of them. I didn't mention this to Amy, but I'm desperate to meet up with them in Arizona for Spring Training one year. It's also funny that I'm now related to two people from that freshmen year.
  • We had kind of an adventure coming home. It rained in spots during the trip, but there was one 300 foot stretch of highway where rain turned to pretty heavy slush, causing our car to hydroplane in a couple of spots. In that area we saw at least 5 cars either spun off the side of the highway or completely overturned with the top portion of the cabin smashed in. Then I realized I forgot my backpack when I asked Amy to look for my scrips, meaning that I did not have my keys, including keys to our apartment. That led to our first break-in as a married couple. That one will get its own post later. Then the next morning Amy looked out at her car from our kitchen window to see that the rear passenger window was shattered. I've never had such an eventful ride back.
  • It was Black Sunday last weekend as far as our sports teams are concerned. Lakers lost. Angels swept by the city I hate most. Canucks lost. Ducks were eliminated. Bad day. The world was angry my day, my friends.
  • Amy's birthday celebrations continue tonight at Jump On It. I'm sure pics will follow.
I have some other posts a brewing, but I just thought I'd spill all that out for yas.

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Laura said...

aww, thanks chris. it was great to see you and i love that we are still friends. look forward to spending time with you guys again soon.