Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love the 80s

So I've been listening to this 80s playlist on Grooveshark and decided that I would try and improve on it. Am I the only idiot who removes certain songs because they were actually early 90s, but not 80s? That I would even bother to look up some of these songs to make sure they were 80s indicates that I'm a moron. Some of them I just threw in because I liked them enough. I know the difference between 80s and 90s Madonna, thankyouverymuch, but I felt like Cherish just had to get thrown in there. So sue me. I can distinguish the 80s-90s border pretty well, but the 70s-80s one is pretty darn tricky.

In any case, give it a try here. Let me know if I've missed any, or what your favorites are.

And if you just don't like 80s music, well, I don't think I want to know you then.

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Caitlin said...

Can I just say that I really love Stray Cat Strut? Like really love it.