Wednesday, June 8, 2011


SNL has a pretty funny skit where Seth Meyers questions all these things stupid that people do.

I had a few "really" moments this past week:

  • Last week at work I was talking with my coworker in our cubes and then the HR guy for the finances department came over and asked us to keep it down. At first I didn't even realize what he was talking about, thinking instead he meant for us not to put anything on top of the high shelves, then realizing he meant our volume. It was just weird, though, because the guy was obviously uncomfortable doing it, but I didn't even think we were very loud and I was just surprised that the person couldn't just come over and say something him-/herself. That person decided he/she had to email the HR director to come talk to us, really?
  • Dropped off some things at DI last week. We pulled up behind a trailer and this person was just unloading a trailer-load of crap and clearly unusable items. With every item you could see the worker pick it up, look at it questioningly, and then move it over to a pile that had been pretty clearly designated "garbage" pile. Really? You're going to go through all of your too-big-to-toss-in-the-garbage items and take them to DI and make them deal with your crap, really? It was just so disrespectful. I couldn't believe it.
  • In my old bishopric there was one councilor who I really thought was pretty great. He always seemed very friendly with everyone and even though I always wanted to engage him more in conversation and get to know him better, I never got the feeling that he wanted to engage me any further. Once we got married, he didn't attend our reception or acknowledge anything really about our wedding, I kind of thought that would be the end of that association. But then I got a text yesterday that said, "Hey Chris, I work for Brother So and So doing financial advising and right now I'm helping people be better insured, how would you feel about reviewing your policy?" Really? You're not going to personally engage me in any way while I'm in the ward, but then you're going to pass my number along to some guy so that he can try and pitch me on your business? Really? Really not cool.

Just kinda funny the things that happen. This one isn't a "really" clip, but I just thought it was really funny. Enjoy!

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