Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Moment of Win

Amy and I bought a mattress just before we got married. Our only experience prior to this was buying our own very cheap individual mattresses, but now we had a little bit of money, we wanted to get something that would last a long time. We happened upon a sale at Macey's, chose something probably a little too quickly, and that was supposed to be the end of it.

Then over the course of the past several months it has just been slowly wreaking  havoc on my back. I know Amy doesn't like it all that much either, but it has been really doing a number on me, to the extent that I can point to the specific vertebra in my spine that is taking the brunt of it. I wake up in the morning and it hurts to take deep breaths and my back always feels tight. It's even to the point that it's been affecting my running. The mattress is just too soft.

We're well outside of the return period, but I thought that if I called their customer service and pleaded my case enough, I could get them to take it back and we could get a different one, probably with some penalties, but worth it.

I never got belligerent or demanding. I don't do that as well as some people, but I was really persistent and kept thinking of everything I could to plead my case. I called today and it took about an hour of begging, but I finally got them to agree to it. The customer service rep talked to her manager at least four times, and in what was probably my last ditch effort, she cut me off mid-sentence and told me that they would do it with a restocking and delivery fee.



Dave said...

I am so proud of you right now.

I think you'd be happy to know that Chipotle will be sending me free burrito cards in the mail for their lack of meat in my tacos the other week.

All you gotsta do is ask. It's amazing what companies can do. Be nice, be persistent.

Eventually you'll get it.

Karen said...

Sa-weet! It's really amazing how a mattress has such a big effect. Make sure you rotate it, now!

We're still rocking our mattress that we got at the RC Willey Outlet in Provo. Box springs were free that had your choice of any. Who needs a matching set, anyway?