Friday, July 22, 2011

Overcoming Pride

Sometimes I take the bus to work. Every time I take the bus to work, I end up getting pretty good naps in. While it takes a little bit longer to take the bus (a little over an hour, as compared to about 45 minutes driving myself), I don't have to pay for gas because of my awesome bus pass that only cost $100 and is good for the whole year. The biggest selling point for the bus, however, is that I get to take a couple of good naps. Frankly, I'm amazed at how rested I feel with them even though the seating is just a little bit tighter than is comfortable, and it's mostly upright. 

Well, sometimes I'm really sleepy on the bus, even after I take my nap. And sometimes I wake up a little late and miss my exit. It's never been more than one or two exits which is not a bad walk.

But maybe this time I woke up and nothing looked immediately familiar to me. And maybe this time I realized that I was almost in Orem, which would be about two cities over from my home destination of Pleasant Grove. With my wife out of town, I didn't have the obvious person to call, but there were still others that I know in the area that could have helped me out.

Sometimes I'm prideful, so prideful, in fact, that I would rather just walk the two plus miles in my suit and in about 90 degree weather. 

Sometimes I think I have too much pride. And then sometimes I post things on my blog and I think that if I can laugh a little bit about my plight, then maybe I'm overcoming my pride. 

Just a little bit.


Karen said...

Hahaha. Um, doesn't the bus go the other way too??

Silvs said...

Listen, smart-mouth, I take a SLC to Pleasant Grove bus so it's not one that travels much during the day, and I checked the schedule on the bus stop on the way back to make sure that I wasn't missing any on the way back. I even walked the path down State Street to make sure that I wouldn't miss any, so shut it! Don't mock me on my own blog!

Amy said...

Maybe you could spin this to say that you really wanted to remember what it was like to be a missionary walking in the heat.