Thursday, July 21, 2011

This and That

  • I was reading an article about sprinting a week or so ago. A researcher of the mechanics of running said that the root of sprinting is essentially how hard your feet hit the ground. He then said that the world record holder in the 100m hits the ground with more than 1000 lbs of force with each stride he takes. 1000 lbs!
  • But in the end, humans are naturally adapted to running long distances. This is our evolutionary advantage over other animals. We're not even close to being able to run faster than other animals, but we can run much longer than any of them over long distances. Even horses.
  • Read this post yesterday about what brick and mortar restaurants and Borders bookstores have in common. A hint: adaptability.
  • There is a trailer for the Amazing Spiderman movie that is coming out next summer. It looks cool, but I can't believe they're rebooting the series so soon. It's been less than 10 years since the first, and I thought that one was really good to begin with, soooo...why the reboot?
  • I run a marathon in 4 days. I'm feeling okay about it. 
  • I miss my wife. She's been gone since Sunday. My house is quiet. I think the solution is for us to get a dog to keep me company.
  • I love these:

  • Funny how white that audience is, isn't it? Like totally white. As evidenced by the dancing.
That's it. That's all I got.


Laura said...

Your second bullet point makes me think you have read born to run. What are your thoughts on barefoot running shoes? I am thinking about getting some. Have you tried them? I have read arguments on both sides and curious what you think.

Amy Silva said...

Ha ha. That's a funny joke about getting a dog. Hahaha.