Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines!

Over-hyped? Over-commercialized? Yes and yes, and more. All the things that people say about Christmas being way overblown and how people lose the meaning of the holiday and all that can be applied to Valentine's day too. I've said it before on here, but for all of those people out there who say that they don't like some mass-market commercial holiday to tell them when to express love and well-meaning thoughts, that's a total cop-out. Shouldn't it just be nice to have an excuse to go ahead and be romantic and expressive for any reason at all? Isn't it nice to have Christmas time to have a deliberate season to reorient ourselves toward Christ and others? Why is Valentine's any different?

This video from the History channel explains some of the origins of the holiday. Like just about every other present day holiday, its placement on the calendar has a lot to do with Christianity trying to take over an old pagan holiday, but that doesn't do anything to invalidate the reasons and meaning behind the holiday itself.

And then here's a fun song. I probably posted this one last year:

I've always been one to do something for the holiday, even if I didn't have a specific Valentine in mind, whether it's just sending a funny card to a friend, or something romantic for someone I really care about. I guess I just have always really loved the holiday.

So there it is. Happy Valentine's day to my beloved, Amy. She's been doing a photography challenge with her sister and I just love her latest post because it's just so her - happy and active and cute. Check it out here.

Love you all and have a happy Valentine's day!


Lisa said...

I like that song!

Silvs said...

Don't be so surprised, Lisa! Not every song I post on here is all bad.