Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romney Rising

It now looks pretty inevitable, right? He swept Maryland, DC, and Wisconsin on Tuesday. Wisconsin is huge because it's such a swing state. He's getting key endorsements all over the place now. I really like what the Republican party is doing, lining up behind him, making it known that it's time to start putting together a strong message against the incumbent. I'm very curious to see what will happen with the VP nomination. Polls suggest that most people want two of the rising GOP stars to get the nod - Marco Rubio or Chris Christie, but I think both have publicly declared that they are not interested in the position. No one saw the Palin VP bid, but that's what happened in the last go-around, I think this one could be similar.

I know you'll be so disappointed to hear this, but I had such a great post put together yesterday about gas, how gas prices fluctuate, how prices range from regions, how the President is largely responsible for high gas prices, etc, and when I published it, all but the very beginning part disappeared. I lost all interest after that. Kind of disheartening. You'll just have to trust me when I say that the President can have a huge effect on gas prices, the US has more oil in reserves than the rest of the world, and the presidential election is our chance to voice displeasure with the current state.

Back to Romney though. I thought his speech following his Tuesday victories was really impressive. He's no longer worried about his GOP opponents, but now crafting his message for the general election. I love that. I was very reserved in my opinion of Romney before, but he's really become much more polished with his campaigning and I think all credit for that should go to the primary season and how that has forced him to improve. He's come very far since 2008, and very far even since the fall. He's looking good and I like his prospects come November. 

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