Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy, but loving it

I was having lunch today with my favorite Utah lunch buddy, Mike Reid, and we talked briefly about how busy we both have been. (Dave, you are always my number one lunch buddy. You know that. So does everyone else.) This was inspired by Dave giving Mike a hard time for not hanging out more with me, but I've been just as busy as he has been so don't lay blame at his feet anymore: I've been just as busy and our lives don't intersect as much as I'd like them to, either.

Anyway, I was looking over my calendar for the last couple months, and then for what's coming up over the next month and I was amazed at how much crap I've been able to do. This is what's happened in the last six or so weeks:
  • Couple of awesome days snowboarding, which admittedly, didn't happen nearly enough this year. How is it that I forget how much I love it? Costs be damned, it's totally worth it.
  • Vegas trip
  • Brian Regan
  • Concert in Park City (that didn't really pan out, but it was still fun being up there).
  • Muse
  • Various little in betweens including movies, seeing a jazz band, watching a production of As You Like It, volleyball games and more.
In the next six weeks this is what's in store:
  • My birthday - T-minus 6 days. Turning the big three-oh, which, surprisingly enough, I'm pretty indifferent to. More on that next week.
  • Camping trip to Zion immediately after the semester.
  • Trip back home the following weekend.
  • Maybe a bachelor party for Mike?
The camping trip and going home are the two things that I'm really looking forward to. The main feature of Zion will be doing a slot canyon, which sounds like a lot of fun, but the type of thing that I have no experience with. Now channeling adventure mode...

Going home has a schedule that's already filling up. This is what I'm hoping it will look like:
  • Arrive Tuesday entirely for the purpose of...
  • Going to the Angels' game on Wednesday. It has a 4pm start, which I'm really excited about, so it'll be a nice early evening game against the Indians.
  • Thursday will probably be a beach day, with a special guest arriving that evening...
  • Friday will hopefully be Magic Mountain.
  • Saturday will hopefully be an awesome birthday celebration for Dave or his heir to the throne, Mason.
And then back home the following day. See? It's all really busy these days, but with so many good things.

So, as you can see, things are going great. As long as it doesn't snow like a foot on my birthday like it did last year, I think I'll love it, whatever ends up happening. Right now the forecast says 66 degrees and sunny, so here's to hoping that holds true in 6 days. I couldn't be more happy with how things are going, largely speaking of school and personal life, and I just love the people that are in my life. I had some thoughtful blog posts in mind, but I don't have enough time to develop those, so you only get the bubbly update on me.

I'm so excited for the summer. Golfing everyday during spring term. Long boarding in the canyon. Training for some yet to be determined marathon. Another bowling league. Making actual progress on my thesis (ahem!). Summer nights. Getting lots of sun. Camping trips.
Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou:")

Have a great weekend, dear ones.

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Laura said...

i hope you can squeeze some time in just to chat with me one of these days. i will be in provo on the 23rd...for leighs graduation, but will probably be pretty in and out then up to kellys. i am kind of excited to be on byu campus again. its been forever. glad you are doing so well. and i am not ok with turning 30 this year.