Friday, April 16, 2010

Sorrow No More

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for the texts, comments, phone calls, and everything else. We ended up doing sushi last night, and even though most of the people who went had no interest whatsoever in sushi, they still all came out. Of the ten people who actually came to dinner, only three of us really like the stuff.

It had been months since I had been so I had completely forgotten just how good it is. There is a whole world of taste and flavor that becomes available to you when you get passed the mental barriers against the food, which I think is totally understandable. It's only been in the last five or so years that I've really embraced it.

I don't have anything profound to say, and there's nothing really exciting going on this weekend, but I just wanted to wish you all well. If I were in Southern California I would be going to see Bad Religion play their final concerts ever. You can catch them tonight and tomorrow at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Guess what? Strung out is opening for them tomorrow night. I can't talk about it anymore, I might start getting all teary eyed.

You guys are wonderful. Really. Thanks for your support, friendship, and love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Be blessed, y'all!

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Charlotte Lundell said...

What? Bad Religion no more? =(