Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Muse at The E Center

Yup, I'm coming out of blog-hiding to blog about them.

Last night Amy and I caught Muse at the E Center in West Valley. First of all, I can't believe how crazy the weather was yesterday. At times it was blizzard conditions, and that only added to the chaos that was trying to get into and out of the parking lot last night, but pay no mind to that, because as can be expected, they were amazing.

Before you heard anything at the show, you saw these three giant square pillars that had a corner pointing out towards the center of the audience. The angles allowed everyone to get a unique, but I think consistent view of similar graphic images that were visible whenever the pillars were set up. One of the best parts of a Muse concert is just how much they invest in creating a musical as well as a visual experience. The graphics on display were amazing because they featured things like scrolling words and pictures of people or random things, but in the images displayed they also had live footage of the band as they played the songs. My favorite was the green laser show that they had going during Unnatural Selection (I think it was that song).

Words just can't express just how good they are live. I haven't seen a lot of big, big concerts like this one, but I really can't imagine many bands/singers being able to put together a better show than these guys do. They pay attention to every part of the show. Musically they're awesome, but they also create such an amazing experience overall. As good as they were the first time I saw them, it really seems like they took what they've learned over the years and keep on adding to their product, and what they turn out is pure gold. It's unreal.

They played nearly everything off of the The Resistance, but my favorite part of the show had to be when Matt Bellamy played The Star Spangled Banner, and then the whole band broke into Hysteria, and then they finished it off with the guitar riff from Back in Black. You can't get a sense for how awesome it was unless you saw/heard it for yourself.

There are a couple of tours that I'd like to catch this summer - U2, DMB - but I just wonder if anyone else can hold a candle to what these guys are able to do year after year. And, like 3 years ago when they last toured, I still want to have Matt Bellamy's babies. The guy is just so cool.


Damon said...

You sure that was the riff from "Back in Black"? I remember Bellamy doing "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" and a lot of classic rock-style riffing, but I don't remember "Back in Black" specifically.

Silvs said...

Yeah, man. That Voodoo Chile one came later in the show, but I'm pretty sure that they closed Hysteria with that opening part from Back in Black, but it's possible that I was overtaken in my Muse euphoria and lost my head. It was just the opening chords from that song, I'm pretty sure...