Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Done

Yesterday I finished my last long (and worst) long run for the marathon training season. I guess worst, only in the sense that I hate doing it. I'm thinking that this will be a good place to take a break for awhile with marathons. It really takes up so much time and requires so much planning, but I think I'd like to continue doing half-marathons and other kinds of races. I was realizing this yesterday as I took about 3 hours and 20 minutes to do the run itself, laid in pain for a good chunk of time, and then just had to lie down and rest for a few hours, and once all that time had passed, it was just after 3pm. It basically took up my whole day to go through that ordeal. Time to move on to something else, no?

The highlight of my run was around mile 9 when I was at the mouth of the canyon and I saw this other lady running towards me, and she got this big grin on her face, put up her hand, and we high-fived. That was my first time high-fiving a stranger on a run, although that's not uncommon in marathons. Totally made my day though. People will almost always reciprocate your behavior, you just have to be okay with leading out, and possibly getting rejected. I just loved that though.

Running in Provo Canyon is just one of my favorite things in the whole world, especially at this time of year. I guess Fall is pretty great too, but right now everything is so lush and green. It's breathtaking.

Everything is feeling good though. I have some slight soreness in my left hip flexor, but the knee pain I was experiencing at the start of all this training is only just barely recognizable. Joints are in good shape. Everything is good.

I'm ready to go. June 9th, here I come.

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Laura said...

Good job and good luck! I think one of the things that deters me from wanting to run a marathon is the time commitment. Especially with 3 kids. So one time when I was out running someone who was just out by there car high fived me and it was seriously the best ever!!