Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camera Work

So I never saw Hugo, but I guess this is a shot of the opening scene. What's really cool about this video is that it's shot with a GoPro on top of the steadicam as it goes through these different scenes, and you really get a good feel for just how much work it is to have everything so perfectly choreographed and synced so that everything looks so smooth and perfect. I especially liked the part where it circles around the girl and they actually pull the dresser out and have a moveable wall in place so that it can circle around her as she sits in the corner. Very cool stuff. It's seeing stuff like this and then reading about The Artist and all the details involved that really helps me to appreciate how artistic and deliberate directors must be in their films. Just thought this was kind of cool.


Caitlin said...

That really is incredible.

Amy Silva said...

That's so interesting to see.