Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School

I haven't had a real school day in a few years, so I have been pretty excited for this one to finally get here, although I guess I'm still actually a couple weeks from really going to school. Classes start the 27th, but today was orientation, and we have it for 7 (mostly) full days.

What was fun was meeting the other incoming 1st years, hearing some of their stories, finding out where everyone is from, and what kinds of things everyone wants to do. I talked to a guy who owned an arena football league franchise, another with a doctorate in music who started an opera company, and one guy straight from India. There are so many cool stories and things to find out about these people, and really I'm just excited to make new friends, build the network, and really get going on these next two years.

It's amazing to me what kind of opportunities will come out of this program. And I just really love BYU, as evidenced by my taking on a third degree program, but really, I do. It's an amazing place, and no matter how many times I hear it, I'm always so amazed at these people, especially within the business school, who had very, very lucrative and successful careers elsewhere decide that they would hang it all up because they want to be a part of something even bigger, and for them, that means BYU. That's always so impressive to me.

So begins my next two year adventure, at the end of which, I'll be done with school forever.

May they be filled with new friends and opportunities and many dollar signs to follow!

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