Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reno Boys Weekend...sorta...

Several months ago the Walton boys had planned on a guys' weekend of skiing and hanging out in Utah. Bad weather and some phone calls later and it was off, but we decided to do something in August, which meant mountain biking, golfing, and time hanging out, except all additional families were welcome. So Elisha and the kids came, and so did Amy. Instead of a guys' weekend, it was more like guys' guilt free mornings.

I did get a bunch of clips, and maybe I'll put together something in a bit, but we ended up commissioning Mike to do the weekend video since he seemed much more deliberate about the shots he was getting, although it was funny to see four GoPros getting every possible angle all weekend long.

The events went thusly:
  • Thursday - Amy and I arrived in Reno early Thursday afternoon. We got some nice down time with Dan and Sarah, went bowling in an ultra-competitive race to 100, which took all of us almost all 10 frames to get to, though one of us failed to make it. *cough*Dan*cough*
  • Friday - The boys went golfing Friday morning at 7:30am. The course was awesome, and I'm glad to say that I don't embarrass myself with my golfing anymore. Not that I'm any good, but I can fit right in with most groups now. We got back to lunch, then off to the local water park, which I would hate to pay for, but because of Elisha's hook-up, we got in free. Sweet! That night we had a rematch of mini-golf. Fun, constantly moving day. Mike and I took a brief excursion to the Reno river-walk, and that was a lot of fun.
  •  Saturday - The boys got up and left by 6am to get out mountain biking the South Lake Tahoe Rim trail. I haven't really done any biking in years, let alone mountain biking. The Walton boys kicked my butt, a little to my surprise since I am still regularly running, but the ride was amazing. The mountains were beautiful, and looking down at the lake was a nice treat. We went up with all the families down at the lake and spent some time there. As we were packing up a crazy windstorm sent everyone running for their cars. It was unreal. At first just a few umbrellas would begin to fly off, and then a bit later, the EZ-up canopy just up and started to take off. Amy got a hand on the leg of the canopy, but it crashed on Foster. Somehow he must the brunt of it, so he was fine, but it was just so funny to see everyone go running. Inner tubes were just rolling down the beach, and the animals seemed to love it. A dog just rolled around in the sand, and seagulls were just all hanging in mid-air, floating there. It was so funny. Mike, Amy, and I stole away to Sand Harbor and jumped off the rocks for a bit. Not Amy, just Mike and I. I love that stuff. So fun. That night we went home and just hung out. Everyone was pretty wiped out by the end of the weekend. 
It was short, but the perfect amount of time. We did so much in just the few days we were there, and I just love the Waltons. I feel so lucky to be apart of that the family. Dan and Sarah were wonderful hosts. It was just a lot of fun.

This will be our last trip before the baby comes, and it turned out to be a really fun one.

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Sounds like sooo much fun!!