Friday, August 10, 2012

Marshall and Yetta Got Married!

So our good friends, Marshall and Marietta, got married a few weeks ago and I got tasked with putting together a video of their wedding day. It was really fun for me to try it out, and as I was putting everything together it made me realize how far I have to go when it comes to all this video stuff. I shot it on a camcorder, which helped with a lot of things like white balance and color adjustments, but it still amazes me how hard it is to be moving with a stable frame, even when the camera has a stabilizer. That's frustrating. It makes me really want a steadicam.

But yeah, this was still a lot of fun for me to do, and I ended up doing two videos because I probably had 1 1/2 music videos worth of footage to edit with, so I just split it up instead.

Last weekend with Mike, we were talking about how important song selection is to a video. It can totally make or break a video, and ruin otherwise good ones. And then sometimes I just choose a song because it's about the right length, about the right tempo, and is just good enough. Both of these songs are nice, but the temple one was meaningful to the couple, but much harder to work with. The reception song was my choice.

Anyway, that's enough, here are the videos:


David and Mary Walton said...

Great job, Chris. I enjoyed them both!

Jessie said...

Chris, you are so talented. These both look great. What a great way to remember this awesome day!