Friday, August 7, 2009

And Everything Is All Right

HT to Moomby for putting this commercial on her blog (by the way, Moomby, you also happened to use as your post title my favorite lines from the song, good job). I'm in love with this song, which happened to be featured as part of a blogpost I wrote about a year and a half ago, and who doesn't love watching skate tricks? Oh, to be back in my freshman dorms watching surf videos while eating Pizza Pipeline. I love the cameos. I love the street shot with downtown LA in the background. Some of those shots are just so Southern California and it melts my heart. Anyway, enjoy!


Moomby said...

sweetness! thanks for the shout out!

ps, i totally watched this clip twice on your blog already! hee hee

just can't get enough

MIKEREID said...

love it