Sunday, August 16, 2009

Movie Macabre

While watching TV again waiting to get tired, I saw on the channel guide what I thought would be a gem of a movie - Zombie Honeymoon. I couldn't have been more right. The story goes something like this:

Two newlyweds embark on a month long honeymoon in New Jersey when the husband gets transformed into a zombie. Denise walks a fine line as she is torn between her love and loyalty to her husband while also fighting her disgust at his flesh-eating tendencies. The most powerful scene comes toward the end of the film as Danny, aka zombie husband, devours several dead bodies belonging to two friends and several police officers and Denise, devoted but terrified wife, stays in the house and listens to her husband enjoy his midnight meal.

Unfortunately I only caught the last third of the movie, but truly this is American cinema at its finest. I was so tired when this movie came on, but I couldn't pull myself away, and I couldn't stop laughing. It was so good.

Here's the trailer:


Shelli said...

I have got to get my hands on looks amazing.

The Meesh said...

Ummm, wow. Wow and wow. I laughed at my desk for a good 5 minutes. This couple had it coming to them. Hello! Who spend a a month long honeymoon in New Jersey?!

Moomby said...

hee hee! oh man! sorry to be a girl but, ick!

i'm very much entertained that you're entertained by it though!