Thursday, August 27, 2009

Say Hey, I Love You

I guess this is my last California post. I was supposed to be leaving today, but I decided that I had to go to the beach one last time, especially since it's been so warm lately so I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning. The last few weeks haven't felt like August at all.

I didn't really think at all about how sad I'd be to leave here until I started packing up stuff yesterday. This summer has been an interesting one, but if there is anything that I have enjoyed about it it has been all the relationships with everyone that I have down here. I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to know the people that I know. Here are some examples:
  • A couple weekends ago I drove up with the Reids to visit the Andersons and while making the drive I began to remember just how close Dave and I used to be with Laura. We used to see her on an almost weekly basis during the summers away from BYU, which is amazing considering that we live an hour apart, and that's without traffic going through the heart of LA. It was so great to be able to see her and her two kids. And Laura, your husband is awesome. A lot of people that are the spouse of the friend wouldn't make the effort that he does to be involved and friendly with us like he does. I wish we all lived closer to you guys.
  • Earlier this week I got to go to Korean BBQ in Koreatown in LA with Dr. Nick. I don't know anyone who is more of a consumer than he is, and he is flat-out the best "yes person" I've ever met. This is what living with Nick at BYU is like: Hey Nick, wanna go fly-fishing? Okay. Do you wanna go rock climbing? Alright. Wanna stay up until 4am and play videogames? Well I have this final tomorrow, but okay. Can we shoot the guns you hide under you bed in BYU approved housing? Sure. The only difference is that now that he actually makes money you can ask things like, wanna go to Nepal and hike to the base camp of Mt. Everest? Wanna go fly-fishing in the Patagonias? Yes and yes. The guy is just awesome. And there may be nothing better in the whole world than Korean BBQ.
  • The Reids. Obviously these are my favorite people in the whole world. One time this summer I more or less blew off dinner with them to hang out with a girl. When I was done hanging out with her, I was still hungry. This is how cool they are. I asked if I could still drop by and come and eat, they said yes, and so I came by and was trying to put together the meal myself without having them get up because I already felt bad about missing dinner, but then both Dave and Caitlin came over to cut up more lettuce and arrange the food just as they had eaten it earlier because they thought it would be much better that way. It seems like a small thing, but that kind of thing means a lot to me, and they never stop doing those kinds of things for me. They are so selfless and unfailingly supportive. Just when I think I couldn't love the entire family more than I already do, another one is born and my love for them grows that much more. There have been a number of times this summer when I've been in a sour mood and then just seeing baby Mason's face just melts my heart, or seeing Doug's kids and getting to play with the boys. In fact, nothing pulls at my heart more than thinking that I won't get to see Mase on a regular basis and get to watch him grow up. I start tearing up just thinking about saying goodbye to him. I never thought I'd get so attached.
See what I'm talking about? This is the look he has on his face 90% of the time. How can you not fall in love with this little guy?

And there are so many others. Thanks for helping me find a reason to get excited about Wahoo's and always making me feel like you care. Thanks for always being so nonjudgmental and supportive when we talk, even when your world is falling apart. Thanks for lunch and identifying with me in my weaker moments. And I'm so glad I got to see you guys before you left.

As sad as I am to leave California, I'm excited to get back to my life in Utah. This really has felt like a two month long vacation, and I'm interested in getting back to structure and responsibility. And what's more, I have been lucky enough to make some good friends up there as well and I'm really excited to get back to them.

I don't know why it's worked out the way that it has, but I've always been able to form really close relationships with the people around me. I am not one to have a ton of friends and acquaintances, but the ones that I do have tend to be highly personal and deep, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But I'll at least be back in October to run the Long Beach marathon, so see you in about 6 weeks!

I think this song is this summer's theme song for me. Until next time, dearhearts.


Laura said...

good luck on the drive back and the semester. Thanks for those nice was great to see you, I just wish we could have hung out again.

Dave said...

Mase, Caitlin, and I miss you already. But mostly Mason cuz Caitlin and I don't like you that much.