Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best Picture

It just so happens that The Artist is playing in our awesome cheap theater that's right over by our house. Amy and I went and saw it last weekend, and I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, because it did win Best Picture this year, but I really enjoyed it. I knew very little about it going into it, just that it really had won most of the significant awards at the Oscars this year. What really impressed me about the movie was just how much the film was able to communicate without the benefit of dialogue. Every so often you would see the intertitles (nope, didn't know that word, had to look it up, but it's what you call the parts where the words flash on the screen in silent films), but for the most part, you could follow everything without needing to know exactly what was being said. That's probably true of any movie, but you don't really how true that is until you watch this kind of movie. Anyway, I did some reading up afterward on some of the details of the movie and it's really amazing how careful the director was with every part of the movie. He was so deliberate with everything, and what's more, this must have been such a huge risk for everyone involved. When was the last time a silent film got any kind of real press or attention, let alone success? The actors were amazing, of course. It did get a little slow for me in the middle toward the end, but otherwise, just a very impressive production. On a similar note, Amy and I watched Midnight in Paris some time ago too. We really enjoyed that one as well. Movies are fun.

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David and Mary Walton said...

I like getting a reliable report before we see some of these....Thanks for that. I want to see both of those.