Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So So Tuesday for Mitt

The Romney campaign continues in its usual manner - winning the races it should win, but without much exclamation, and unable to pull off any upsets. He is narrowly project as the winner in Ohio, which he absolutely needed, but couldn't pick up anything in the south. He greatly outspent his GOP counterparts, but can't create any real separation from his competition.

This worries me. Mostly for this reason: Democrats want this presidential election to be about anything but the economy. What have the headlines been for the last couple of weeks? Everything about contraception and how Republicans want to ban it. I know that's not actual the argument, but it's the spin they're putting on it, and it's working. Rush fell for it and made it an enormous issue, and now the heat is off the President for the time being.

Additionally, Santorum's most obvious strength is his passion, but that is mostly concerning social issues, and when it comes time for a national election, it's going to come out that this guy is probably way too socially conservative for the taste of many voters. You'd be surprised at how wonky some of his views are. And he is the viable Anti-Romney at the moment. I just don't like it. Mitt can't inspire, even when he has the institutional advantage and money over his competitors. Makes me nervous.

So we'll see. Gingrich may continue in the race, but he is no longer realistic as a possible candidate, and I'm afraid his votes will go to Santorum before they go to Romney.

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