Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starndardized Tests

I have taken four of them: SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. So I guess that only leaves the MCAT, DAT, and LSAT (of the remaining major graduate school tests). My SAT and ACT scores were all right. Nothing to boast about. ACT was good enough to get me into BYU without any real concern, but the real story about that test was that it happened to follow the night of when I broke up with my very first girlfriend. (I totally copped out and told her that I think we should go on a break, but then pretty much ignored her after that. What a gent. I swear, I've grown up a lot since then, Amy!)

I knew before I even got into BYU that I would be doing more grad school. Little did I know that it would pretty much all be at BYU. I began studying for the GRE my last semester as an undergrad, took tons of practice tests, and voila! Nailed the GRE.

So when I started considering applying to the MBA program, knowing that I would be taking the GMAT, for some reason I didn't have the same single-minded preparation for that test as I had for the GRE. With the GRE, I felt like I had a very proven and reliable method for doing well - many practice tests, lots of drills, and I even made flashcards of like 800 frequently used GRE vocabulary words. But for some reason, my performance there left me feeling like I would do just fine on the GMAT without that same level of dedication. Overconfident in my test-taking skills, I guess.

And then the day of reckoning came and the GMAT occurred, and I swung and missed. I mostly attended a discounted course that I got through BYU, did some drills, and knew before I even walked into the test that it was going to be a long-shot to hit the score I needed to be a competitive B-school applicant. As I left that day, I was confirmed in my suspicions. I scored a perfectly average GMAT score - 540. Ouch.

Well, I got cracking, used the old methods and stayed much more focused for the second go-around. The last two weeks were especially taxing in that department. I took 7 full practice tests in 8 days, and used what was going to be a failed boy's weekend/anniversary weekend for more studying.

And then today was the test.

Today I am pleased.

The old method still works. I should be a competitive b-school applicant. Now let's see if they'll have me.

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David and Mary Walton said...

Congratulation! It is wonderful to feel good about it no matter what actually happens. We've been wondering how things went. Thanks for the update.