Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Year

I'm really glad that when I think of days that I consider the best days of my life my answer always starts with the day I received my endowment, the last day of my mission, and more recently, the day that I got married. It's just the type of thing that should come up first, no?

We haven't really done much for our anniversary because Amy's brothers were supposed to come into town and then didn't, and our last minute efforts at putting together an anniversary plan didn't pan out, so we've just kind of spent this weekend just hanging out. But it has been really fun reminiscing all weekend about the events dating one year ago this day.

That day wasn't "perfect." It would have been nice if the grass were a little greener around the temple (although Amy did a good job of making it look like it was pretty green, see above). Our DJ who was supposed to provide us a mic at the reception didn't realize that we had actually booked him for Friday the 18th and not Saturday the 19th. Both my dad and his wife, and my brother and mom, didn't realize that Utah is on MST and not PST, so they were late to our reception. And I'm pretty sure a few other things weren't just right, but the day really couldn't have been more perfect. We had such a great day having everyone that we love in one place, celebrating with us, and enjoying what is the most important the day of our lives.

And I really like the kind of couple we have become. I feel like we are just the right fit for each other. Sometimes it feels like the little things are what you notice the most.
(Song to our first dance)

Since we've been married, here are some of the things that I appreciate most about Amy:
  • She's just so happy. I don't think I know anyone who is more happy than she is. And she's really expressive when she gets really excited and likes to attack me and jump on me. When she's snowboarding or wakeboarding, she literally has a smile on her face the entire time that she's participating in that activity. The other night I spied her in our bed reading a book and she just had a grin on her face for like 20 minutes straight. She just can't hide when she's happy, and it's also a feeling that she feels very frequently. 
  • I love that she's so about doing things and having fun. I can suggest almost anything and she's just about always up for it. She's loves to go on trips, go to events, and just have fun. She's a total "yes" person. Always wants to say yes and rarely has a reason for not doing things. And on a related note...
  • Not only do I feel like we have a lot of fun together, it seems like we have so much fun doing the same kinds of things. I'm so glad that she grew up with so many brothers because she just loves being active, going to sporting events, and just about anything else I can think of. We can go snowboarding together. She's actually the person that got me into canyoneering, and she just loves the outdoors. She loves a day on the lake. We even go golfing together in the summer time. We must have had golf for FHE at least 4 or 5 weeks last summer, and this one will be no different. She'll even indulge my near constant urge to want to go to concerts.
  • She loves my people. And her people are equally wonderful. And now they're all just our people and there's nothing we love more than just spending time with everyone that we can. Two weekends ago we had a really fun cabin trip with my best friends, Dave and Caitlin, and then last weekend we spent one whole evening just sitting on couches just chatting with some of our other friends, went to a volleyball game the next night with our dear friends, Jessica and Andrew, and the next night we hung out with her brother and SIL, Scott and Elisha. I feel like we're always strapped for time to spend with the people around us, and I just love it. 
So those are just a few. It honestly has been the best year of my life. I wish marriage would have come sooner for us, but I'm glad that it came when it did. We have had such a good year and I look forward to many more to come.

Happy Anniversary, Amy! I love you!


David and Mary Walton said...

That was wonderful to read. thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary you two!

Caitlin said...

Happy anniversary, guys! We feel really lucky that you married someone that we genuinely love too :) XOXO

Sarah Walton said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Amy Silva said...

Awww. My husband is the sweetest! I love you, babe! YOU make me happy!

Jessie said...

Happy anniversary! You guys are the best. Just paving the way for us! ;)

Lisa said...

Cute! You guys are perfect together! Happy 1 year!!